What a year…or two.

A lot has happened to me on a personal level in the last couple of years. I lost my soulmate and biggest supporter (unexpectedly) and the year before my mom (after a few months of pain and suffering).

This blog is about my art, but the personal things affect my art, and I felt the need to include that aspect.

I didn’t create ANY art for six months. Then it was hit or miss getting back into it. It was probably not a good idea to choose a portrait of my little granddaughter as the first act of painting, there’s always a pressure in portraits, especially loved ones!

So, with the support of my daughter, I began with some small paintings, and even learned how to time-lapse video them. Some of them were small, thirty minute paintings which were a challenge to someone used to painting big. But those paintings helped me to loosen up, try some new techniques (slap that paint on with palette knives when the stopwatch is running out, lol).

Daffodils in Mama Pate’s Vase. A thirty-minute painting (not really, I went over that a little!).

Going out of my comfort zone, I took a three-day workshop with the wonderful Plein Air artist Jeremy Sams. It was a great experience, but not without challenges (hey, the light and shadows change – a lot!).

W. Jefferson Plein Air painting. 9″ x 12″. Acrylic on panel

That experience was another jumpstart to getting back into painting, but I decided to go with a subject I love to paint: flowers. Some painted from life, some from photographs. Some quickly done, some allowed more time. This set could be called the “Kitchen Paintings” because I set up in there (great light) instead of my studio.

I also joined a new artist’s website: https://www.dailypaintworks.com/

Life is different now, but life is good.

Many thanks to friends and family who have been with me on this new journey!

Karen’s Hydrangeas 1

Catching Up

The Vow
This mixed media piece represents many vows made my young friend as she took on cancer…and won!

After reading a friend’s blog (http://www.nanettesewz.com/ – check her out!) I came to the realization that I have not been productively writing.  As in, since April???  So I’m going to get caught up.

The term “catching up” has several meanings, ranging from:

    1.  the activity of trying to do as well as a competitor or of trying to reach a level of achievement
    2.  to do something you did not have time to do earlier
    3. to learn or discuss the latest news

For me, it’s a sort of a combination of the three above.  I ALWAYS want to reach a new level of achievement and I MUST find time to do that.  Last semester I took two university level classes and taught two continuing education classes at the local community college.  I loved doing that (along with many other commitments) but it ended up being a very busy period of my life.  I learned a great deal and would like to think I’m applying that to my (current and upcoming) work now.

Perhaps the third bullet above also applies to discussing the latest news, so here I am, lol!

My final exam project in figure drawing class last semester was a mixed media piece  and fits in my “Selfies from Social Media” series.  It consists of a drawing that was created on frosted mylar and then bolted to a a canvas painting, fulfilling the requirement of pushing the envelope .  This led me into wanting to draw more on the mylar, which is handy since my studio is in severe need of re-organization, but that’s another post!


detail 2020 heatherMM .  Detail: The Vow

Getting back into frosted mylar ignited the desire to create new drawings using graphite and eraser, and some of these pieces will also fit into the “selfies” series.   In a way it’s like my old school realistic drawing but my method is different because of using the eraser as a tool.    Spoiler alert:  the “selfies” series has evolved into including works based on photos of friends and family by others.

Ms. Effie
Ms. Effie (a friend and neighbor)


Work in Progress:  no title yet

celeste WIP 2020

Hey, I like drawing cups, too!  They are mainly practice pieces but present challenges in spite of their seemingly simplicity.

Connecting Through Coffee

2019 CUP The Gift From Gayle 24x24
The Gift From Gayle          Oil, oil pastel and texture on canvas      24″x 24″

“As the coffee was being poured, the Count wondered whether this was the beginning or end of the old man’s day. Either way, he figured a cup of coffee would hit the spot. For what is more versatile? As at home in tin as it is in Limoges, coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleaguered in the middle of the night.”                                                     A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel – by Amor Towles

Read this passage the other day and immediately it made me think of some of my artworks.

A series I am working on (slowly but somewhat surely) is simply called the “Coffee Cup Series”.  It is based on travels, people, food, and conversations with friends and family.  The common thread is coffee and how people connect over the sharing of this beverage.

These works are mostly based on photos I took during these conversations with friends and family and as with most of my work, has a sentimental attachment.   So,  I paint what I know.  That doesn’t mean I can’t part with the paintings if there is an interested party,  but there is always a story behind each painting.

When I began the series there were only a few recent photos (which had been taken with vague intent of painting).  But when I went through my stored photos in the quest for something else I found LOTS of coffee cup photos!  Now there are more photos/memories than I have time to paint!

2019 CUP The Atlanta Visit With Hanna 24x24
                            Birthday in Atlanta                                             Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas          24″ x 24″












2019 CUP Vanessa's Restaurant Cup 24x24
Vanessa’s Restaurant                                     Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas                        24″ x 24″

The Cupcake painting was the pre-cursor to the series, done after not painting for a while and needing to get back into the swing of things.  So, in a way it is connected to the series.

2019 CUPCAKE the final exam project 24 x 24.jpg
                       The World-Famous Final Art Exam                      Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas           24″ x 24″












While looking for the pics of the new works, I came across older pieces.  I’d like to think my work has grown since these were created (although I do like the brushstrokes, which are still an integral part of my work – most of the time).

the good marriage
The Good Marriage              Oil on Canvas        48″ x 48″


CUP mama pate's cup and saucer
Coffee Cup Diptych               Oil on Canvas

CUP home
Our House is a Very, Very Fine House       Oil on Canvas

New Logo!

logo with 3 black sides

Last assignment of the semester in Communications Design (aka Intermediate Digital Arts) was to design a logo for our own art business (future or existing).  What have I discovered doing this assignment?  One, I like digital art and doing design.  Keep in mind that years ago I worked in sign design and for t-shirt printers, before all that computer design stuff came out, but to me digital is another tool (and/or media) that needed to be explored and learned.  That brings us to the second aspect about this subject: I need to learn Adobe Illustrator.  Time didn’t allow this in the now completed semester.

And even though I’ve done PowerPoints and Keynotes for years, I learned even more about creating them.  Call me, I’ll whip one up for you.  For a price, of course, lol!

So, this is the final design (subject to changes as needed – color, layout, etc.).  Part of it shows a whimsical side (“Joy”) and part a more serious, yet stylish side (“ART”) and the simplicity of the large M catches the eye of the viewer.  I won’t go through all of the changes that brought me to this point but I did want to show how the design looks on various items.  Today a t-shirt, tomorrow a storefront sign?



This kind of work is fun!

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks, Part II  

So this semester I’ve been in the Intermediate Digital Arts course, also known as Communication Design.  In the introductory class I began learning how to use PhotoShop, in this course that knowledge is being put to practical use (Thanks, John and Margie!).   A recently completed assignment was in conjunction with the music department: designing a t-shirt (front and back) and a poster for their upcoming Honors Jazz Festival.  We met several times with the client, a music professor with a good eye for design, and the sessions were conducted in a very professional manner. It might be an understatement to say that I really got into it, I submitted three (four if you count variations) designs, and that was after culling others out.

And one of those was chosen for this year’s festival!

It’s times like this that I wish my dad was on the other end of the phone line, he would be proud!

The Wacom tablet my family gave me for Christmas was utilized in all of the designs in some way or another (thanks y’all!).  It’s a great tool and will be used a lot more in the future.

For the record, there’s no money involved but I do get a t-shirt with my design.  Plus, my name is on the program, and all of the students received nicely printed copies of their poster designs.

Current assignment: RE-designing an existing product’s packaging!  Yes, THAT one will be fun, too!

jazz festival program
Program for the program…this design is also the front pocket-sized design.

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks!

Last fall I began a new adventure: going back to college!  I enrolled in a traditional painting class and something completely new for me, a digital arts course.  A friend recommended the digital class after he and I discussed flyers I had made using MS Word.  He made the argument that if I could do that on Word, that I would love PhotoShop.  He was right!  The current semester finds me in the next level of digital arts: Intermediate (also known as Communication Design).

Between these two courses I received a graphic tablet as a Christmas present.  I was advised that there would certainly be a learning curve as I jumped in to develop my hand-eye coordination (and there was!).  My first self-assigned project was a zentangle doodle.  My thinking was that using a “no-brainer” subject would free me to concentrate on the technique of using this new media.  I concentrated on simple lines and shapes, adding shading as I approached the end of the project.  For the record, it was not easy!

The next self-imposed assignment was to try brush strokes and other techniques (smudging, etc.).  This project was a realistic “painting” using a photo of one of my cats.  I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it, while questioning the authenticity of this media compared to traditional methods.  Yeah, guess I was kind of old-school in my thinking.

But an old dog CAN learn new tricks!  What’s the difference between traditional media (usually oil pastels, graphite or paint for me) and digital art?  For me, traditional is more tactile and I love the actual texture that ensues from the application.  But digital has many advantages, including the ease of correcting mistakes (you didn’t think I was perfect in my artworks, did you?).  There are many aspects to compare and I am in the process of studying these and will discuss in the future.  Besides, I am not terribly fond of reading long posts on blogs and think I’ve exceeded my limit.

That said, thanks for reading and looking!

wacom practice 3 ZENTANGLES v2 psd



The Art of Social Media

Don’t laugh, but tonight I sent a friend request to one of my favorite living artists.  Peter Doig the painter.  Around ten years ago I had a chance encounter with one of his paintings Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre.  It was in the Art Institute of Chicago and the painting had a major impact on me (this is not the first time I’ve written about it).  The two figures in it were unsettling to me, and while I loved was the big sky, the trees are what knocked my socks off.  They looked as if they’d been painted and then wiped out.  Paintings with layers of paint applied were not unusual to me, but a painting with wiped out parts?  Incredible.  It affected me on so many levels.

peter doig
Peter Doig Scottish, born 1959 Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre, 2000–02 Oil on canvas 196 x 296 cm (77 1/8 x 116 1/2 in.) Art Institute Chicago

Will I geek out if he answers me?  This shouldn’t be a problem because I’m really not into the celebrity thing.  He’s an artist, I’m an artist.  He’s famous and a millionaire, I’m…well, not.  I already follow his work on Instagram, although I’m not faithful to that particular mode of social media.  During the same trip to Chicago, I met several contemporary artists at the workshop I was in.  Do Ho Suh and Kara Walker were two of my favorites, but I found myself tongue-tied when face to face with Walker.  Yep,  geeked out.  I once sent an email to the estate of Alice Neel and got a wonderful response from one of her daughters-in-law.  Just so you know, that was for a class assignment, because you know I’m not into that celebrity thing.

So why contact Mr. Doig?  Because I’m in a painting class at the local university, working on a new series.  I hope I’m expanding my horizons, and pushing the envelope, stepping out of my comfort zone (sorry for all the cliches) with my new pieces.  It takes courage –  for me, anyway.  But that painting in Chicago gave me the opportunity to think about how artists can take chances, break the rules, make others think.  Maybe I should thank him for that, along with others who have been so supportive.

Sneak preview of one of the new pieces.  The series (one of two – aren’t I ambitious?) is of portraits based on selfies and other photos of friends, family and other strangers (just kidding) on social media.

Samantha - Spirit and Soul of a Ginger


Shirley’s Sunrise finds a home

Shirley's Sunrise
Shirley’s Sunrise

This painting found a home last week and that made two people very happy!  I’ve always felt that a work of art should be bought if it makes the prospective owner happy, thoughtful, or evokes other emotions.   This painting has been so close to finding a home before but I suspect the size (3′ x 5′) was a deterrent.  The owner has the perfect spot, in fact two perfect spots!

The inspiration for this piece was a cell phone photo taken by friend Shirley as she took her grandchildren to school.  It is oil on canvas with an underlayment of tissue paper for texture and an overlay of oil pastels.  The current series I’m working on also include various applications of texture and of course, the oil pastels that I love so much.

Stay tuned for updates on the new series!

Shirley's Sunrise detail
DETAIL – Shirley’s Sunrise


Something new, something secret.

University classes are challenging me in multiple ways and it’s all good!  When I retired I said I wasn’t doing anything if it wasn’t fun, but fun can be challenging, too.  Learning new things and developing old skills are great for keeping the brain supple and in shape.

So, I will take this opportunity to share some of my latest pieces from the Digital Arts class.  No, they are not perfect and I have much to learn, but I AM learning.  Baby steps.  These pieces were for a “mandela” assignment.  Each one should have three different items that are related in some way.  These pieces are the something new.  Note: since this is an educational exercise I have used any images necessary, and that means ones with watermarks.

The painting class finds me working on two series (one at home and one in the university studio).  As tempting as it is to show the works in progress, I will wait until the series are complete.  That’s the secret part.

joy-mcgugan-betta 2 radial
Betta Fish Mandela 2

joy-mcgugan-anole and fly 3 mandela
Anole and Flies

joy-mcgugan-betta fish mandela
Betta Fish Mandela 1

joy-mcgugan-french baroque vase and frame 1
Baroque Vase and Frame, Glads Mandela 1

Structure. Deadlines. Focus.

dottie on canvas
Dottie loves canvas, wet or dry!

Did I mention I’ve gone back to school?  University.  Art classes.  Loving them!

One class is Intro to Digital Arts.  This old girl is learning PhotoShop (thanks Melvin!) in baby steps (thanks Margie!).  Going home like a little kid: “I learned how to make PATTERNS today!!!”.  Already planning my first “real digital art” piece, just have to learn some more.

The other class is Advanced Painting (III).  I wanted to take it to get back on a schedule and have deadlines.  I need structure.  The professor and I have had discussions on where I want to go with my art. So I brainstormed, researched, made mind maps.  Now I feel more focused and decided to create a series, a body of works that are connected to a theme, style, etc.

There are two series in the works now.  One is portraits, based on friends’ FaceBook photos, selfies and otherwise. (the other is coffee cups, the theme connections).  I always ask people if I may “borrow” their photos because I’d never take them without permission, and people have been so generous.  The paintings will be close-up, mainly neutral colors (but not always), combining the mixed media of texture, oil pastels, raised stencils and oil paint.

Photo shows Dottie on a dry painting although last night she walked across a wet gessoed one.

Got cool photos?  PM them to me!