Something new, something secret.

University classes are challenging me in multiple ways and it’s all good!  When I retired I said I wasn’t doing anything if it wasn’t fun, but fun can be challenging, too.  Learning new things and developing old skills are great for keeping the brain supple and in shape.

So, I will take this opportunity to share some of my latest pieces from the Digital Arts class.  No, they are not perfect and I have much to learn, but I AM learning.  Baby steps.  These pieces were for a “mandela” assignment.  Each one should have three different items that are related in some way.  These pieces are the something new.  Note: since this is an educational exercise I have used any images necessary, and that means ones with watermarks.

The painting class finds me working on two series (one at home and one in the university studio).  As tempting as it is to show the works in progress, I will wait until the series are complete.  That’s the secret part.

joy-mcgugan-betta 2 radial
Betta Fish Mandela 2
joy-mcgugan-anole and fly 3 mandela
Anole and Flies
joy-mcgugan-betta fish mandela
Betta Fish Mandela 1
joy-mcgugan-french baroque vase and frame 1
Baroque Vase and Frame, Glads Mandela 1

1 thought on “Something new, something secret.”

  1. I LOVE these! The fish and lizards ( I noticed the Fly too lol) and flowers…all the beautiful things to make this so cool! Keep on learning girl..its great and I am jealous hahahaha


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