New Logo!

logo with 3 black sides

Last assignment of the semester in Communications Design (aka Intermediate Digital Arts) was to design a logo for our own art business (future or existing).  What have I discovered doing this assignment?  One, I like digital art and doing design.  Keep in mind that years ago I worked in sign design and for t-shirt printers, before all that computer design stuff came out, but to me digital is another tool (and/or media) that needed to be explored and learned.  That brings us to the second aspect about this subject: I need to learn Adobe Illustrator.  Time didn’t allow this in the now completed semester.

And even though I’ve done PowerPoints and Keynotes for years, I learned even more about creating them.  Call me, I’ll whip one up for you.  For a price, of course, lol!

So, this is the final design (subject to changes as needed – color, layout, etc.).  Part of it shows a whimsical side (“Joy”) and part a more serious, yet stylish side (“ART”) and the simplicity of the large M catches the eye of the viewer.  I won’t go through all of the changes that brought me to this point but I did want to show how the design looks on various items.  Today a t-shirt, tomorrow a storefront sign?



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