Catching Up

The Vow
This mixed media piece represents many vows made my young friend as she took on cancer…and won!

After reading a friend’s blog ( – check her out!) I came to the realization that I have not been productively writing.  As in, since April???  So I’m going to get caught up.

The term “catching up” has several meanings, ranging from:

    1.  the activity of trying to do as well as a competitor or of trying to reach a level of achievement
    2.  to do something you did not have time to do earlier
    3. to learn or discuss the latest news

For me, it’s a sort of a combination of the three above.  I ALWAYS want to reach a new level of achievement and I MUST find time to do that.  Last semester I took two university level classes and taught two continuing education classes at the local community college.  I loved doing that (along with many other commitments) but it ended up being a very busy period of my life.  I learned a great deal and would like to think I’m applying that to my (current and upcoming) work now.

Perhaps the third bullet above also applies to discussing the latest news, so here I am, lol!

My final exam project in figure drawing class last semester was a mixed media piece  and fits in my “Selfies from Social Media” series.  It consists of a drawing that was created on frosted mylar and then bolted to a a canvas painting, fulfilling the requirement of pushing the envelope .  This led me into wanting to draw more on the mylar, which is handy since my studio is in severe need of re-organization, but that’s another post!


detail 2020 heatherMM .  Detail: The Vow

Getting back into frosted mylar ignited the desire to create new drawings using graphite and eraser, and some of these pieces will also fit into the “selfies” series.   In a way it’s like my old school realistic drawing but my method is different because of using the eraser as a tool.    Spoiler alert:  the “selfies” series has evolved into including works based on photos of friends and family by others.

Ms. Effie
Ms. Effie (a friend and neighbor)


Work in Progress:  no title yet

celeste WIP 2020

Hey, I like drawing cups, too!  They are mainly practice pieces but present challenges in spite of their seemingly simplicity.

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