Connecting Through Coffee

2019 CUP The Gift From Gayle 24x24
The Gift From Gayle          Oil, oil pastel and texture on canvas      24″x 24″

“As the coffee was being poured, the Count wondered whether this was the beginning or end of the old man’s day. Either way, he figured a cup of coffee would hit the spot. For what is more versatile? As at home in tin as it is in Limoges, coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleaguered in the middle of the night.”                                                     A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel – by Amor Towles

Read this passage the other day and immediately it made me think of some of my artworks.

A series I am working on (slowly but somewhat surely) is simply called the “Coffee Cup Series”.  It is based on travels, people, food, and conversations with friends and family.  The common thread is coffee and how people connect over the sharing of this beverage.

These works are mostly based on photos I took during these conversations with friends and family and as with most of my work, has a sentimental attachment.   So,  I paint what I know.  That doesn’t mean I can’t part with the paintings if there is an interested party,  but there is always a story behind each painting.

When I began the series there were only a few recent photos (which had been taken with vague intent of painting).  But when I went through my stored photos in the quest for something else I found LOTS of coffee cup photos!  Now there are more photos/memories than I have time to paint!

2019 CUP The Atlanta Visit With Hanna 24x24
                            Birthday in Atlanta                                             Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas          24″ x 24″












2019 CUP Vanessa's Restaurant Cup 24x24
Vanessa’s Restaurant                                     Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas                        24″ x 24″

The Cupcake painting was the pre-cursor to the series, done after not painting for a while and needing to get back into the swing of things.  So, in a way it is connected to the series.

2019 CUPCAKE the final exam project 24 x 24.jpg
                       The World-Famous Final Art Exam                      Oil, oil pastel and texture on Canvas           24″ x 24″












While looking for the pics of the new works, I came across older pieces.  I’d like to think my work has grown since these were created (although I do like the brushstrokes, which are still an integral part of my work – most of the time).

the good marriage
The Good Marriage              Oil on Canvas        48″ x 48″


CUP mama pate's cup and saucer
Coffee Cup Diptych               Oil on Canvas
CUP home
Our House is a Very, Very Fine House       Oil on Canvas

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