This kind of work is fun!

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks, Part II  

So this semester I’ve been in the Intermediate Digital Arts course, also known as Communication Design.  In the introductory class I began learning how to use PhotoShop, in this course that knowledge is being put to practical use (Thanks, John and Margie!).   A recently completed assignment was in conjunction with the music department: designing a t-shirt (front and back) and a poster for their upcoming Honors Jazz Festival.  We met several times with the client, a music professor with a good eye for design, and the sessions were conducted in a very professional manner. It might be an understatement to say that I really got into it, I submitted three (four if you count variations) designs, and that was after culling others out.

And one of those was chosen for this year’s festival!

It’s times like this that I wish my dad was on the other end of the phone line, he would be proud!

The Wacom tablet my family gave me for Christmas was utilized in all of the designs in some way or another (thanks y’all!).  It’s a great tool and will be used a lot more in the future.

For the record, there’s no money involved but I do get a t-shirt with my design.  Plus, my name is on the program, and all of the students received nicely printed copies of their poster designs.

Current assignment: RE-designing an existing product’s packaging!  Yes, THAT one will be fun, too!

jazz festival program
Program for the program…this design is also the front pocket-sized design.

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