Structure. Deadlines. Focus.

dottie on canvas
Dottie loves canvas, wet or dry!

Did I mention I’ve gone back to school?  University.  Art classes.  Loving them!

One class is Intro to Digital Arts.  This old girl is learning PhotoShop (thanks Melvin!) in baby steps (thanks Margie!).  Going home like a little kid: “I learned how to make PATTERNS today!!!”.  Already planning my first “real digital art” piece, just have to learn some more.

The other class is Advanced Painting (III).  I wanted to take it to get back on a schedule and have deadlines.  I need structure.  The professor and I have had discussions on where I want to go with my art. So I brainstormed, researched, made mind maps.  Now I feel more focused and decided to create a series, a body of works that are connected to a theme, style, etc.

There are two series in the works now.  One is portraits, based on friends’ FaceBook photos, selfies and otherwise. (the other is coffee cups, the theme connections).  I always ask people if I may “borrow” their photos because I’d never take them without permission, and people have been so generous.  The paintings will be close-up, mainly neutral colors (but not always), combining the mixed media of texture, oil pastels, raised stencils and oil paint.

Photo shows Dottie on a dry painting although last night she walked across a wet gessoed one.

Got cool photos?  PM them to me!

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