Shirley’s Sunrise finds a home

Shirley's Sunrise
Shirley’s Sunrise

This painting found a home last week and that made two people very happy!  I’ve always felt that a work of art should be bought if it makes the prospective owner happy, thoughtful, or evokes other emotions.   This painting has been so close to finding a home before but I suspect the size (3′ x 5′) was a deterrent.  The owner has the perfect spot, in fact two perfect spots!

The inspiration for this piece was a cell phone photo taken by friend Shirley as she took her grandchildren to school.  It is oil on canvas with an underlayment of tissue paper for texture and an overlay of oil pastels.  The current series I’m working on also include various applications of texture and of course, the oil pastels that I love so much.

Stay tuned for updates on the new series!

Shirley's Sunrise detail
DETAIL – Shirley’s Sunrise


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