Old and New Art Experiences

I had a delightful day in Raleigh yesterday with a friend.  We went to the Farmer’s Market and scored big time with tomatoes (salsa coming soon), peaches and plants.  We also went to the NC Museum of Art, not the first time this summer.

We took a docent tour at the museum, met people from Eritria and Holland, and learned a lot.  One of the paintings we paused at brought back an explosion of memories.  I was in high school and our wonderful art teacher Mrs. Tyner took us to the art museum.  Back then it was in downtown Raleigh, and it was my first trip to a “real” art museum.  The artwork was a feast for my young eyes, but then I went around a corner and came upon The Seine at Giverny, Morning Mists it knocked my socks off!  It was my first aesthetic experience and for years every time I visited the museum I would look for that painting!

joy and monet

So after the tour we wandered over to the West Building and checked out the African art (I love Benin pieces and the contemporary artist El Anatsui).  There was a display that reminded me of pieces from the recent “You Are Here” show that was comprised of interactive video, light and sound works of art.  It was lot’s of fun, but I digress.  So this sign showed the African art in a changing grid pattern AND it included the viewer in multiple ways!

see yourself in african art

Final thoughts:  People often times like a work of art because of a combination of elements, one is that it reminds them of something in their life experiences (that could be positive or negative).  They see something of themselves in the work.  In the older Monet work one of the things that I related to was the serene view of water and trees at a certain time of day and it reminded me of a lake my family frequented.  But now, in the new world (to me, at least!) of digital and video art, the artist can include the viewer IN the artwork and encourage their physical participation.

I have just recently enrolled in two university classes, painting and digital arts.  I’m pretty sure that my horizons are going to expand.

Take a trip to an art museum soon, it could be life-changing!

2 thoughts on “Old and New Art Experiences”

  1. Looking forward to many trips. Always keeping tabs on the coming exhibits. Art and music speak to my soul. Glad that you had such a good day! That’s how we should use retirement!!


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