1st Day of School

Walking through the campus I had attended many years ago found me comparing familiar buildings with new ones, admiring the improved landscapes, and marveling that there’s a Starbucks now.  The art department was the same in some ways but there were many improvements.  Sitting in the lobby I ran into a former student and it was such a pleasure to see her.  Another student came up to ME out of all the other people camped out in the lobby to ask where a certain room was.  Yep, he thought I was a professor.  With a touch of glee I told him I was new and didn’t know.  Because, like him, I am a new student too.

Now, it’s not like I haven’t been here since my undergrad days (I also got my masters here 16 years ago) but it was different today.  Or was it?  I loved being in classes learning new things, maybe it was that old time feeling from years past.  I found myself briefly reminiscing about my professors from the early days but looking forward to the new ones in Advanced Painting and Intro to Digital Arts.

It IS different this time.   This time my work will benefit from my life’s experiences and my (hopefully) improved skills.  There’s an abundance of ideas to explore while pushing the envelope in my work.  Spending time in a studio and having the pressures of deadlines and critiques will be also be a boon to this all-too-often undisciplined (retirement is too much fun, y’all!) artist.

Stay tuned to see the fruits of this new endeavor grow!

peaches photo
Future painting?



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