All of my students are a joy…

Queen Steph
Queen Steph           Pencil on Canson board        21″ x 15″

Yesterday I was in a local big box store and ran into a former student.  We hugged and he walked with me for a while and I got caught up with his current plans.  While we were talking, another student from WAY back when I taught middle school (over 20 years ago!) came by.  We hugged but didn’t get to talk much.  She doesn’t know it, but I always say she was one of MY best teachers ever.  She had several disabilities that I won’t go into here, but she showed us the meaning of resilience and having a good perspective on life.

Coincidentally, perhaps, I just finished a pencil drawing of another former student.  This young lady had a rough start in life but caught a break when she was younger.  Her options after graduation were limited but she had a plan.  I haven’t seen her since the last day of that school year but I’m sure she stuck to her plans to improve her life.

I used to have a sign on the back of my classroom door that read:  All of my students are a joy, some when they enter the room, some when they leave!  These students I’ve mentioned, and many more, were the ones you didn’t want to leave the room.


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