Words and Visual Art

georgia okeefe quote

I am not good with words, putting them together in a creative and meaningful way is difficult for me.  Writing for this blog involves a huge act of procrastination for me.   I do, however, love putting words with my art.

Currently I am working on a new body of work that is mainly mixed media.  Textures from tissue paper, modeling paste, gessoed fabrics and raised stencils are an extension of earlier works.  None of these involve text as of yet, but in the process of thinking about works for this series, there are ideas evolving that involve words.  This feels like a teaser since I have nothing to show yet, so I’ll show some of the new pieces that are finished.  And some that are not.  Sometime soon.

I also never liked writing artists statements.  The discovery of these favorite quotes, the Georgia O’Keeffe was found on the Internet (Natasha Wilson artist) and by Hopper that really hit home with me.  Guess I should investigate artists who use words IN their art.

hopper quote

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