Not EGG-zactly what I usually do…

detail egg cluster

Sorry, I know that puns are the lowest form of humor but it just came out!

Here are photos of the latest egg projects.   The eggs needed to be in a protected setting and I wanted to include more natural materials so I enclosed them in wood crates and shadow boxes.   I love Joseph Cornell assemblages so maybe his work had an influence on me.  BTW, the Art Institute of Chicago has a huge, dimly lit cabinet full of Cornell pieces!  Click here to see his work.

Included media includes hand-made paper (paper towels and denim pulp) “nests” and discs, branches from my dad’s shed, marbles from husband’s childhood collection and screen wire.  And a print of a painting I did of my grandmother Mama Pate!

I won’t say these are finished and there are other projects on the back burner, so stay tuned.

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