The Art of Procrastination

Yesterday I decided that I MUST get my studio/computer room cleaned and organized. I won’t go into the details but it has a lot to do with my lack of organization and a penchant for procrastination (I am, after all, the QUEEN). In my defense, let me say that this has been going on for a month or so, organizing yarn containers by color, discarding books for donation, boxing little frames that will never be used. Also, I did get that part-time job at the local community college and that has demanded more preparation than I’d expected.

OK. Enough excuses.

I began the work. I even posted updates on FB, that I was labeling containers, but was reminded by my friend Shirley that THAT is a form of procrastination.  Luckily by then I had begun two new paintings and dabbled on one that had been patiently waiting for the rubble to clear.

This morning after coffee and texting with my daughter-in-law I prepared to enter my special room with enthusiasm for the new works.  But, I have a nagging feeling as to why I’d let the room get in the shape it was in, although I always have a bi-annual studio cleaning day.  Years ago I read a book which I think was titled “Fat is a Feminist Issue” – the basic premise was that some women ALLOWED themselves to get out of shape for several reasons, avoiding social issues was one of the big (no pun intended) reasons.  This made me wonder if there’s a reason for my dis-organization, perhaps avoiding the give and take of bringing an idea to fruition?

I’ll put those thoughts on the back burner, maybe find a book that addresses the issues.  In the meantime I’ll go back to those paintings!

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