Knowing when something is finished…

I thought I’d finished the oil pastel of the little girl, but after pulling the tape, signing it, and taking photos I’m not so sure.  So it may still be a work in progress.  Or a stepping stone to the next endeavor.  Time will tell.  Also, I don’t think the color is accurate in this photo.  Is there a class for taking photos of one’s artwork?  Must find out.


These are other pieces that I have finished in the last couple of months.  These two of the horse are from a friend’s fantastic photographs of her beautiful horse who had lived to a ripe old age.  I had a dilemma when I started these as they were not commissioned and I had to decide if I was doing a portrait of the animal or expressing myself through his image?  I went for doing my own thing but the horse’s owner insisted that I’d captured his looks and personality, so that was an honor.

The Wonderful Mr. V

Oil and oil pastel on canvas.

2 thoughts on “Knowing when something is finished…”

  1. His formal name is Davanna Valvano. His Arabian registry number is: 283690. He was born to: H H Brandi and Del Tiffany. Davanna Farms was originally on hwy 41 in Lumberton. The farm is now in Red Springs. Linda Lambert Watson kept him at the farm for the first 7 years of his life. He spent 3 years in training with the late Ennis Hester of Bladenboro. I purchased V for 5,000.00 in 1991. In the 12 years we were together we participated in numerous horse shows, trail rides, and cross county marathons. We did Western, English, driving, cow cutting, night riding, beach riding and mountain riding. The absolute best all around horse ever. He was and will remain a best friend always in my heart. Rhonda Horne Thanks for capturing his spirit!


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