Works in Progress – Daffodils

I like to work from photos, especially when I’m working with one of my favorite subject matter: flowers.  They just don’t last long enough!  So photographs keep my subjects fresh and just as importantly, allow me to see mistakes and progress.  These photos are from my cell and not the “good camera”.

I had gotten away from flowers and had worked on a series of landscapes (which has never been a fav of mine) in which I actually experimented a bit on, that whole thinking outside the box thing.  I despise that expression, but it’s appropriate in this case, and to me it means being brave.

Have I mentioned that the process of writing is also an act of bravery for me?  Another time…

Anyway, I took photos of daffodils in my front yard and even borrowed one from a FB friend (Hal from my hometown, thanks!!).  Decided to venture back to flowers (perhaps it was too many “Georgia O’Keefe!” comments that made me run from them) and add something from my new bag of tricks.  I showed the earlier stages of the pieces in an earlier post and thought they were at a good stage to show again.

Warts and all.  That THING in the vertical canvas is a bloom in the background, not sure it should be there.  Or, maybe it’s just not evolved to the state it needs to be in.  Time will tell.

Media: oil and oil sticks on canvas

daffodil 1 wip
Work in Progress
daffodils wip
WIP – beginning of a series?
WIP vert daf cropped
WIP vertical daffodils
WIP sq daffodil cropped
WIP – square daffodil
WIP vert daf detail
detail – vertical daffodil

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