TBT – my dad still surprises me

I’ve written about my dad before and his raw, natural talent.  He was a huge influence on my own art and was one of my greatest supporters.  During the past year I have discovered photos and articles about him and even sketches I had never seen before.  It is always a joy to discover these little gems and I hope you enjoy them.

The latest discoveries were a photo and article from the local paper about Dad and other artists being chosen to exhibit at the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.  This was in 1982 and I found it in a photo album.

The sketch was from a file of papers that evidently had been saved from his desk at work (as a manager for a financial company).  They usually began as notes of a car that was to be financed and evolved into ideas for sculptures.  From left brain to right brain on a single sheet of paper!

Where are the horse’s legs?  Who knows, the horse never was never finished for some reason although it was used in a photograph of the current grand kids at that time.  Below that a pic from this past Christmas with the latest Great-Grand, enjoying his time on the horse!

jep newspaper pic138jep newspaper pic and article139

sketch horse carving072

kids with horse carving074

christmas2017 20

3 thoughts on “TBT – my dad still surprises me”

  1. I love the pony your dad carved; it is beautiful. I just noticed the little rocking horse in the boy’s hand. Did your dad carve it too?


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