One-day paintings?

rose still life WIProses detail1

Roses – Beginning and End         Oil pastel and acrylic on canvas      30″x 20″         $500

I’ve been reading a little on what I guess is a trend for artists: One-day Paintings.  Part of the idea is to keep the creative juices flowing and get in a routine.  I need some routine so thought I’d try my hand at it.  Let me say right off the bat: it didn’t work.  Most people who do this paint really small pieces, I don’t do small.  Some people admitted that the quality was not up to par because of the time limit.

So I thought I’d paint a still life from observation (as opposed to taking a photo) and use acrylics for the quick drying time.  My canvas is 30″ x 20″, not tiny by any means, but not too big either.  Before the first layer of acrylic dried I had sketched details in the wet paint which led to eventually bringing out the oil pastels.  Purist (of the oil pastel variety) don’t call their work drawings but paintings.  I’m on the fence about that (but I AM a snob when it comes to oil pastels and love my Senneliers!).

Long story short:  it wasn’t a One-Day Painting, more like four days, although I didn’t spend hours at a time most days.  It’s mixed media, somewhere between a painting and a drawing.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!

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