I sold my sister…again!

sassy julie
“Sassy Julie”  Oil on canvas

Years ago a dear friend and patron saw this painting and just HAD to have it.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell it because it is, after all, a painting of my sister.  Almost all of my paintings have a sentimental attachment but this one was a little more than usual.  But, it reminded my friend of her childhood and the many pairs of gloves she had.  She was so enchanted with it and was such a dear person, how could I refuse?  And I am a big believer in buying art that you love and connect with, so there.

I forgot to mention that my mother and sister gave me hell for selling it!  “How could you sell your sister???”

Sadly, that friend passed away all too soon.  Through a chain of events I managed to once again be in possession of this work and decided I’d never sell it.  Probably.

So, last  month I was asked to be part of a Women’s History Month exhibition at the Multicultural Center at the local university and my Alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  I listed this work and another (my grandmother Mama Pate!) as not for sale.  Then the call came.  Another child of the Sixties fell in love with it, this time because of the gloves and the glasses.  This person has a very high position with the university system so my work (and UNC-P?) would get a lot of exposure.  That’s a good business move, right?

So, I sold my sister.   Again.

Just for the record, Mama Pate and a few other family portraits will NEVER be sold.  Most likely.

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