Teaching and Doing

“View Through The Old School House Window”             Oil Pastel on Paper          app. 18″ x 24″



I am an artist and an art educator, I hope that doesn’t sound too brazen.  Since I was a little girl I wanted to be an artist but I never even thought about being a teacher until I was in college.  I dropped out of the education program right before taking a speech class, I was just too shy.  Ten years later I did begin teaching and let me tell you, it was not easy. Teaching drawing became my niche, discipline and paper work were not.  Oh, well.

Currently I am teaching two very small groups of adults a right-brain type of drawing class.  This morning one student struggled with a concept and we worked on it, then she had the “A-HA” moment.  Another student got it from the start and her excitement was contagious.  These two very different students left me feeling happy and fulfilled.

As far as my own art goes, productivity is not where I want it to be, but there is art being made.   Perhaps I should add that projects include oil pastels, stage sets for local theater, a vintage yard art venture (more on that later) and planning a bottle top mosaic mural.

The photo and detail is of the latest oil pastel.  It is based on a photo I took at a family reunion a few years ago.

PS – save your bottle caps!



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