Self Portrait Without A Face

By day I am a mild-mannered high school art teacher.  OK, I try to be mild-mannered, but my students know there is a fine line between the “Nice Sweet Mrs. McGugan” and the “Psycho Mrs. McGugan”.  But I digress.  By night and on weekends, I am all about MY art, and summers are for marathon painting sessions and other pursuits that make me happy.  Back to the day job:  my county school system always has a faculty art show and this year it was with a theme.  Self Portrait Without a Face.  So this is my entry, created in acrylic and other media.  It combines new techniques that I’ve been working on with old ideas and subject matter.  Add a little introspection and this is the result.

"Self-Portrait Without a Face" Mixed media, 24" square $500
“Self-Portrait Without a Face”
Mixed media, 24″ square

2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Without A Face”

  1. My wife and I saw what We think is one of your paintings at Slate in Charlotte. We can’t afford a painting now, but we will follow you. We love your use of color. Hopefully we can purchase one in the future!


    1. Thank you very much! Please do follow me, I will be retiring soon from my “day job” of teaching and devoting much more time and energy to my art. I hope to have a good sized body of work within the year!


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